Women and Wealth

The financial community has been slow to recognize that men and women often think about money differently. Here at CCFG, we understand this reality. That is why our team takes a customized approach to ensure we address our clients’ many different viewpoints.

It’s true that men and women share many investment goals: to be financially secure, save for retirement and provide for the long-term needs of their families.

However, women must consider additional realities. With 50% of women expected to live to the age of 90 – and 25 per cent to age 95 – women generally place more importance on long-term financial goals. They tend to have a holistic view of their finances, taking into account big picture factors such as future health care needs.

The female culture is one of shared emotional experiences and support. Time and again, women tell us that money is closely tied to their safety, security and independence, and risks must be carefully calculated.

   Consider these facts:

  • In Canada, the average woman becomes a widow at age 56. [1]
  • 82% of women lead household purchases. [2]
  • 90% of women will become single during their adult lifetime by choice, divorce, or widowhood. Therefore, 90% of women will manage their own finances at some point in their life. [3]
  • 80% of women leave their financial advisor within 18 months if becoming a widow or due to divorce, searching for someone whom they have an honest connection with and who hears their needs. [4]
  • 87% of women struggle to find an advisor with whom they can honestly connect with. [5]
  • Only 55% of women have a financial life plan compared to men, at 62%. [6]

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Our goal at CCFG is to ensure everyone has an equal seat at the table when it comes to mapping out their financial life plan. No matter your point of view, we’re here to help you craft a plan that will safeguard your economic power and your financial autonomy, while delivering peace of mind.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your financial health. Our mission is to educate you about your options and empower you to take the action that is right for you - thereby enriching your life.

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From its inception, Cornerstone Capital Financial Group has strongly supported women’s financial independence. In 2016, CCFG founder Shannon McMannis launched a revolutionary group, The Power of the Purse, to empower women to attain wealth through education. Based on the enthusiastic community response, Shannon went on to found Ladies Who Lead in 2019, a network of entrepreneurs and dynamic business women who share, inspire and mentor other women to achieve professional success.