Planning for the Future

Change is constant, and we all experience life events that can impact our financial needs, our personal wealth, the way we manage our businesses and our life planning strategies. A complete financial life plan considers your current situation as well as your future goals, and sets you up to manage risk while maximizing opportunity.

Here at Cornerstone Capital Financial Group (CCFG), our mission is to educate you about your options, which in turn will empower you to reach your personal financial objectives while enriching your life and security.

As our client, you will receive individualized attention as we work together to achieve these important goals:

  • Clarify your current situation by collecting and assessing all relevant financial data, including assets, liabilities, tax returns, insurance analysis, investment accounts and transactions, along with discussing wills, pension plans and estate wishes.
  • Identify your financial life goals and objectives, while confirming your values and attitudes about savings, investments and retirement planning.
  • Zero in on financial hurdles that can create barriers to your financial independence.
  • Provide recommendations and identify alternative solutions that are structured to your personal needs, objectives and goals.
  • Implement your individualized strategy to ensure you reach your goals and objectives efficiently.
  • Review and revise your strategy as life happens, to ensure that your plan continues to meet your needs, enriching your well-being and confidence.

Insuring Your Future

Insurance is like armour that protects you from unexpected events that could threaten your family and your legacy.

Income lost due to premature death, disability or critical illness will require a significant amount of capital to replace. While most people own some form of life insurance for protection against the risk of premature death, relatively few are insured against the more common risks of disability or critical illness.

At CCFG, we will perform a thorough insurance analysis to assess each client’s needs within the framework of their overall financial life plan.

As life evolves, coverage needs to change with it. It is essential to analyze your existing policies to ensure that you and your family are protected, now and in the future. This will allow you to rest easy, and focus on the present.