Under the leadership of Shannon McMannis CFP, Cornerstone Capital Financial Group was built in order to provide the best possible service for their clients. Having worked for one of the large investment firms, Shannon recognized that many client’s specific needs went unmet, while the larger firms and banks tended to group clients into generic investment products.


Why Choose Cornerstone Capital Financial Group?

Cornerstone Capital Financial Group focuses on high quality financial products and services therefore we chose to be associated with FundEX Investments Inc.

High quality products and services

At Cornerstone Capital we take the time to really know and understand each individual client’s needs. This means looking at the big picture, including a client’s lifestyle, age, education and career goals, retirement goals, family planning, asset management needs, and future dreams. This holistic approach to financial planning has been very successful for more than 14 years.




The Big Picture

FundEX proudly supports over 600 independent financial advisors across Canada and administers over 12 billion in assets. FundEX has grown to become one of Canada’s largest mutual fund dealerships by maintaining its core principles of valuing and encouraging the independence of financial advisors in Canada. FundEX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc., a life and health insurance company whose origins date back to 1892.  The fourth largest life and health insurance company in Canada, Industrial Alliance contributes to the financial well-being of over 3 million Canadians, employs over 4,400 people and administers and manages approximately 95 billion in assets.



Why FundEX Investments Inc.?

Mutual Futnds provided through FundEX Investments Inc.

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